Welcome to ConstellationArts – Ali Mezey’s company for healing media, events and workshops utilizing the powerful method of Systemic Constellation Work, also known as Family Constellation Work. Currently, we are presenting her first films she has produced and directed featuring world-renowned Constellation facilitator, Stephan Hausner. They are the first of their kind – and created to turn even more of the world on to this amazing resource. Please join our list so you can keep updated about all the films and events she will be producing next!


Transgenerational Healing Film Series

with Stephan Hausner

If accessing and clearing the deep origins of illness interest you,
sneak-a-peek at the preview of my suite of documentaries,
“Transgenerational Healing Film Series with Stephan Hausner,” about the masterful work of Family Constellation facilitator, Stephan Hausner.

You may know Stephan Hausner by his fantastic book, Even If It Costs Me My Life: Systemic Constellations and Serious Illness. Stephan is a master Constellation facilitator, deeply informed by his previous professions as a homeopath and osteopath.

Although he can constellate any issue, he has become a world-renowned specialist in working with and helping to heal stubborn illnesses that won’t heal by physical medicines alone.

If you or a loved one grapple with illness and want insight into the hidden loyalties and entanglements that have hindered physical healing, or if you want to work more effectively with clients who are ill, these films are an unprecedented opportunity to heal, learn, and be inspired.

Each film details Stephan’s expert application of Family Constellation Work in healing transgenerational traumas that influence illness.

Or if you are curious about Family Constellation Work in general, these groundbreaking films will not only explain this extraordinary work, but show you in living color this method at its best.

One cannot help but learn from Stephan’s mastery by the way he sits with, feels into, and follows his clients’ and group dynamics.

We hope you find these films illuminating, and helpful in healing the ties that may be unconsciously inhibiting your health – body and soul.


“Stephan Hausner has given us a spectacularly unspectacular view into the complex world of mind/body healing from a transgenerational perspective. His work is based on careful observation of real people in real-life situations. Without extraneous metaphysical claims or hocus-pocus, it is nothing more or less than a plain open-minded and open-hearted “I’ll believe it if I see it” examination of a fascinating subject…”

Hunter Beaumont, co-author with Bert Hellinger and Gunthard Weber, Love’s Hidden Symmetry: What Makes Love Work in Relationships

“With great clarity, sensitivity, and unique insight, Stephan Hausner lifts the veil surrounding the mystery of illness and disease. No one has more experience exploring the hidden patterns behind illness…”

Dale Schusterman, Sign Language of the Soul

“Through his intuitive use of the family constellation, Stephan Hausner has discovered a unique passage into the heart and soul of illness. Weaving wisdom and love with his considerable experience, he illuminates the path from illness to healing for the lay person and clinician alike.”

Sheila Saunders, RN, LMFT