Constellation facilitator specializing in addiction, Body Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, Filmmaker & Speaker

Ali Mezey has been working in the Healing Arts for 40 years – as a Body Therapist, Family Constellation Work facilitator, Somatic Counselor, Clinical Sexologist, and now documentary filmmaker.

Her offerings meld her unusual and highly effective skill sets to guide any body in and through their shadows, shame and personal restrictions, towards greater light, confidence and freedom. She specializes in clearing sexual, emotional and physical pain due to trauma, family lineages and cultural inhibition.

Ali’s private practice is based in Los Angeles, with clients all over the world. She also teaches Personal Geometry™, inspired and informed by Constellation Work, which Ali facilitates in addiction treatment centers, getting immediately to the roots of how sex and drug addictions are functioning in the whole family system.



Constellation facilitator, trainer and Naturopath

Stephan Hausner is a world-renowned facilitator and trainer of Family Constellation Work, specializing in illness and health. Earlier in his career, he trained in and practiced alternative medicine with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Osteopathy. He has also trained in Humanistic Psychology and Mindfulness-Based Therapy with Thomas Huebl. Since 1993, Stephan has primarily used Systemic/Family Constellations in working with health issues, traveling around and around the world to teach at institutes, conferences, workshops and training programs.

In 2011, he published Even If It Costs Me My Life, now available in 11 languages. It is the leading Constellation book on working with illness and considered by many to be one of the best books written about Family Constellation Work in general.  He lives with his wife, Birgit, and their six children in southern Germany.