Francesca Mason Boring

Constellation Arts under the direction of Ali Mezey is a profound and timely introduction to Systemic Family Constellation Work as a harbinger of healing. Author Rethinking Illness: Transgenerational Healing with Stephan Hausner, produced by of Even if it Costs Me My Life: Systemic Constellations with Serious Illness, Hausner’s foundational observation after more than twenty years of utilizing Family Systems Constellations in his medical practice: Illness is not a personal phenomenon.

Discussion of the validity of family system dynamics as a possible contributor to transforming chronic illness and physical symptoms is presented in an articulate and comprehensive way. This captivating film engages the observations and participation of numerous health professionals including a Naturopath, Medical Doctor specializing in Alternative Medicine, Internist and Pediatrician, Clinical Sexologist and Addiction Specialist, Psychiatric Nurse, Chiropractor, Occupational Therapist, Body Worker, Life Coach, Psychologist, and providers of a variety of energy medicine practices.

Framing the ‘geometry of relationship’ within the visual backdrop of actual client family constellations allows the viewer an opportunity to absorb both the technique and principles of systemic observation and intervention. Stephan’s background in homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Osteopathy is the perfect foundation for him to give voice to the connectedness of medical symptoms and the family system dynamics which ‘nourish illness’. To step gently away from the rejection and judgment of medical symptoms, and moving toward considering that “Illness is an expression of life” has the potential to revolutionize the effective treatment of those who have become frustrated with intractable pathology, pain and chronic conditions. For both clients and providers Family System Constellation is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Observing and defusing the connection of symptoms and trans-generational trauma is possible within a constellation; these observations parallel much of the discussion in the growing field of Epigenetics, which is providing researched data and validation of the impact of trauma on subsequent generations.

To analyze family dynamics and ancestral/trans-generational influence, via Family Systems Constellation is the next step in the evolution of medicine, and our understanding of the journey of healing. Bravo Stephan Hausner, Ali Mezey and the host of willing professionals and seekers who made this film series and Family Systems Constellation available in such an accessible way.

-Francesca Mason Boring, Facilitator, Author: Connecting to our Ancestral Past: Healing through Family Constellations, Ceremony and Ritual

Dr. Bruce Nayoweth

“Rethinking Illness: A Transgenerational Approach” opens the world of Constellation Work to the professional and lay audience – describing some of its basic principles and offering several vignettes from the work itself.

I appreciate how accurately this series invites the viewer into the experience of Systemic and Family Constellations, capturing Hausner’s skill and presence, while also describing the unique value and power of Constellations to illuminate family dynamics that contribute to illness and disease, and how they can facilitate healing.

This documentary series describes and demonstrates underlying principles and practices, offers vignettes from the process itself, and includes testimony from practitioners of diverse disciplines, who describe the value of Constellation work in their practice.

Some of the general principles of Constellation work are described and depicted, such as representation, inclusion/exclusion, and loyalty bonds in families.

As an emergency physician who has some experience with Constellations, I am pleased to see how clearly the value of Constellations is presented – both as an adjunctive diagnostic process, and as a way to facilitate healing.”

– Dr. Bruce Nayoweth, Emergency Physician