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Systemic & Family Constellations for Individuals: Expanding Our Practice with Leslie Nipps

Getting groups going can be hard… The classic format for Systemic Constellation Work is in a group. And for good reason: systems by definition mean we are dealing with more than one element, and in a group, we can connect with many elements in families and organizations. However, most new facilitators run into a problem right away: gathering groups can be hard! They are also time consuming, and can be expensive. The beginning of a facilitator’s practice is often the hardest time to convince potential clients to take the time and pay the kind of money that makes constellation groups financially viable. However, it’s not just an issue of “viable business models” for practitioners. There are many situations where a practitioner might find themselves on their own with a client – for instance, the many psychotherapists who’ve developed thriving private practices, and who, after training, want to integrate constellations wisdom into the work they’re doing with individuals and couples. In these kinds of situations, facilitators want an effective way to do this work with clients who need it. The good news is that since Bert Hellinger first developed the work, it’s been adapted to a wide variety of settings, including 1:1 client situations.

The Fourth Annual West Coast Constellation Intensive – now online!

COVID-19 Update: The theme of our 2020 Intensive – Falling Apart to Come Together – is proving far more more timely than we ever could have imagined when we came up with it last fall. Our goal was to sincerely engage the challenges of our times, supported by the flow of love that we find time and again when we connect to the Knowing Field through constellations work. Even as our situation has drastically changed, that vision endures. We are announcing that we have moved our event from a residential event in Northern California, to an online one. We will be addressing the needs of registrants in the current situation, while bringing the originally-intended world-class facilitating of our faculty.

Stephan Hausner in Los Angeles!

Rosewood in Topanga Topanga Canyon

The dates of world-renowned constellation facilitator, Stephan Hausner, returning to Los Angeles are July 12 - 14th, 2018 to facilitate constellations for us again. If you or a loved one grapple with illness and want insight into the


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